Different people look at the internet in different ways. Some feel that it is the invention that truly changed the face of the Earth while others believe that it is one of the major factors that is causing the youth to behave in an irresponsible manner. A lot can be said on both sides. I do agree that the there are certain sites on the net that are creating a lot of ruckus and they are affecting the minds of the youth adversely, but we cannot say that the internet in general has a negative impact on children. There are many software that is available in the market that will help you to keep track of what your child is viewing on the internet or to be more specific block social networking sites or adult sites.

Today we are going to talk about One of the best software that is available in the market for this purpose, that  is the CyberPatrol Parental Controls.

Overview of CyberPatrol Parental Controls Software

The CyberPatrol Parental Controls enables the children to play and surf the internet and at the same time controls the time that is spent online. It can allow and block specif sites depends on your preference, such as blog social networking sites like Facebook etc. You can protect up to three computers with the help of one package and it restricts all the bad sites that you child can intentionally or accidentally end up browsing.

Main Features of the CyberPatrol Parental Control Software

1. The most important feature that makes the CyberPatrol Parental Controls a must have in case you have kids in the house is that the software restricts the entry of the user to any adult site or any other site that is shady and may have a negative impact on the child’s mind.

2. You can restrict the user from visiting social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter and YouTube as well. Other than this there are nine other categories that are available that you can block so that the kids do not venture into the darker areas of the internet. As a careful parent who does’t want to Block social networking sites ?

3. Another striking feature of the software is that you can limit downloading to certain sites only, thus preventing a possible virus attack.

4. The software lets you chat with people without disclosing your identity and whereabouts and you can also restrict your kids from chatting and entering the various chat rooms that are available on the internet with the help of the software.

5. You will receive in depth information about all the sites and pages that your child has visited in your absence and the duration of the visit as well. So you can leave the child alone and get on with your work and later go through the history of the software and know what all the child did in your absence.

6. If you are worried that your child spends too much time on the internet in your absence, then this software will help you to put a restriction on the time as well. This means that you can set a time period for which there would be internet connectivity, after this the connection would automatically break, even if you are not there.

CyberPatrol Parental Controls is the perfect choice among all the other such software that are available in the market and the basic reason for this is the fact that the software is loaded with features that it’s useful for every parent or person looking for kind of internet filtering software.

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